About the Repulic Chapter

Republic Chapter members come from all walks of life, such as educators, clergy, carpenters, attorneys, doctors, and welders. Our age group is diverse. We are a national historical, non-profit, non-political, community oriented organization open to all male descendants of American Revolutionary Patriots. A primary objective is to preserve and perpetuate the deeds of those brave and gallant patriots which ultimately lead to the formation of the United States of America.

Some of the many projects SAR is involved in are:

  • Preservation of historic battle fields, parks, and cemeteries
  • Clean-up and restoration of historic community and pioneer cemeteries
  • Locating, identifying and marking previously unmarked graves of patriots
  • Re-enactments and community based Living History programs
  • Preservation of historical documents
  • Community based Genealogy and Family-History research programs and workshops
  • Scholarly publications and lectures
  • College scholarships awarded annually

Many of our chapter members are avid genealogists and lovers of history. To this regard we have established volunteers to assist members and prospective members in their genealogy and family research at no charge.
Chapter members are often found working as volunteers in local libraries, schools, Scouting, historical societies, genealogy societies, veteran’s hospitals, senior centers, re-enactments, and a variety of community service organizations. Our chapter is an active member of Friends of Pioneer Cemetery. As such, we annually perform restoration and preservation work on grave stones and massive monuments in Salem’s Historic Pioneer Cemetery. Prominent local, state and national business, organizations and regular everyday folks have recognized our Chapter as an asset to the community and to the state of Oregon.

The Republic Chapter SAR enjoys a membership rich in culture. We are ever mindful that brave patriots of all races and creeds spilled their blood on the fields of battle to help in the formation of this great nation. We rejoice in the company of our members of diverse backgrounds – for all of our members come to us the same way: down the path of ancestral pride.

In addition to its regular monthly meetings, Chapter members and guests enjoy a potluck picnic at a members’ home each July. The Chapter fully supports Oregon and National Society programs and projects; particularly the medals and awards program which recognizes both SAR members and other citizens who have distinguished themselves by services to others or by outstanding achievements in their communities. The Chapter also supports the Eagle Scout Program of the National Society. A recent Chapter project was the organization and management of the very successful Oregon Society booth at the Oregon State Fair. The Republic Chapter area includes Marion, Yamhill, Lincoln, Linn, and parts of Clackamas and Benton Counties in Oregon. However, the Chapter is pleased to have members as far away as Sisters, and Burns, Oregon, as well as one member in California.
For more information about this Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution,
send an e-mail message to repubIichapsar@Iive.