Become a Republic Chapter Member

If you are an SAR Compatriot or a Prospective Compatriot residing in the Salem Oregon area, we welcome you to select the Republic Chapter SAR as your home.

Who can join?

Steps to Become a Member

For more information, contact the Republic Chapter Registrar at republichapsar @ live . com (remove spaces from email address).

Application fees for membership:

Application fees defray the cost of processing an application. An application fee of $120.00 is required to be paid when your membership application is submitted for approval and is a one-time cost. In addition, the dues for the first year are required when the application is submitted.

As of March 19, 2016, a single check for $185.00 is due at application submission to the Republic Chapter, which includes:

  • $80.00 National Society SAR application fee
  • $35.00 National Society SAR dues for first year
  • $20.00 Oregon State Society SAR application fee
  • $15.00 Oregon State Society SAR dues for first year
  • $15.00 Republic Chapter SAR dues for first year
  • $10.00 Republic Chapter application fee